Design Services

Pik Design offers graphic design services. We can help you create custom designs for various purposes, such as logos, branding materials, advertisements, and more. Our team of skilled designers can work you to bring your ideas life and ensure that your designs align with your brand identity. You can reach out to us to discuss your specific requirements and we can provide you with a free quote. feel free to call us if you want to boost your business.

Our designs based on the client needs and wants, we will work with all the way until you will be happy. We design postcards, business cards, boxes, menus, bags and much more… feel free to ask us questions about our design.

This creative process been done with lot of consideration as client’s target audience, location, type of business and budget.

Design possessing steps:

  • Gathering all the information from the client as: text, graphics, preferred colors and more…
  • Our graphic design team will design three sketches
  • The client will choose one (in case that the clients do not like any
    one of the designs our design team will make 3 more for no extra charges)